Marketing perspective: Neil Vose, CMO

Aquarius Marketing priorities

Aquarius is a FinTech business on a mission to build the most trusted global currency exchange. We fervently believe in the evolutionary opportunity our trade matching technology offers our customers. We are unapologetic about our focus on innovation and demonstrating our technical leadership.

We recognise that we can’t develop a sustainable technology product (offering significant investor returns) on a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality. We know that effective growth marketing will take time and brand building. We are only just starting this exciting journey.

The last two years have been a wild ride in the world of finance. We’ve seen token sales, heady promises, and breathless enthusiasm for all things Crypto, Blockchain, and Coin. But, as the bear overwhelmed the bull, the ICO buzz quietened down to a whisper.

Launch marketing projects have to be more robust and grow beyond social media community management and influencer pandering.

I’d like to briefly outline our Go To Market philosophy and how we intend to navigate through to a successful Exchange launch.

We are focused on solid product marketing methodologies. At the centre of the Aquarius marketing strategy is developing initial customer trust and traction. After all, as Ash Maurya states in his book Running Lean: “If you can’t get people inside your customer factory, it doesn’t matter what’s inside.”

What are the Aquarius customer acquisition drivers? We are embarking on a three-pillar approach to marketing and brand building over the coming months:

First, Know our End User. I was asked by a leading global Tech VC yesterday, when did I last speak to a potential customer? I was proud to say that all the team is talking to our potential users, both institutional and retail, most days on a global scale. We are dedicated to understanding their problems and how our solution set will benefit them. This live market insight will continue to influence the development of our business plan and is fundamental to the feature set roadmap of our planned Exchange solutions.

Second, Developing Reach. Our unique value proposition will be communicated through a strong Aquarius brand narrative communications programme, predominantly online. We will invest in thought leadership content publishing (articles and visual storytelling) via both owned and earned (social) media platforms, supported by SEO and data driven media/community relations.

Third, Product Validation. We are focused on the development of Minimal Viable Products throughout 2019, before our full Exchange customer launch in 2020. This will generate vital beta customer data and create an initial user advocacy network to build from.

I encourage every member of our team to implement the most creative solutions, to get our brand understood and in front of potential customers. We are implementing a customer acquisition strategy that shows our dedication towards providing a product-market fit. We are firmly focused on a value exchange which converts to creating a business and brand of sustainable worth.

We look forward to working with our partners on this journey!

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