CQG’s strategic partnership will enable Aquarius to launch its first institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange in Q3 2021

London / Chicago / Denver, March 4, 2021 –Aquarius Financial Technologies Ltd. (Aquarius), a next generation trading technology provider, today announced a strategic partnership with CQG, a leading global provider of high-performance technology solutions for traders, brokers, commercial hedgers, and exchanges. The partnership will support Aquarius’ vision to launch an institutional-grade global cryptocurrency exchange using CQG’s proprietary technology.

Under the partnership, CQG will provide Aquarius with its trading interfaces, infrastructure, and API connectivity, as well as access to more than 45 tradable, global…

By Richard Lane, Co-Founder

It would appear likely, because at the core of the Aquarius exchange resides a matching engine with throughput in excess of 100m trades per second — better than any other known exchange today.

There are exchanges making claims to be leaders in terms of latency… as if latency is at all relevant if all users receive the market data at the same time. We don’t believe it is.

In addition, speed for speed’s sake is “nothing” if never tested or stressed. (Even though most successful exchanges have faltered because of throughput issues during times of market volatility). But traditional institutional…

By Matt Ward, CEO

First, a key definition of an open order book might help. To précis Investopedia, ‘an order book is an electronic list of buy and sell orders for a specific financial instrument, organised by price level’.

More detail can be read here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/o/order-book.asp

Next, let’s try and attempt to define what is largely considered to be a “fair price” by the active trading community.

A fair price is a price that any given customer can submit (for possible execution as a Limit Order) or can transact (as a Market Order) at the “top of the order book” — which is the…

By Neil Vose, CMO

One consistent theme that is mentioned to us by active traders is the expense of trading and often the opaque nature of fee structures.

Today, traders are either being charged a variable mark up on their bid/offer price; or a variable fee based on trading volume. This amounts to significant aggregated charges to the trading community. Indeed, our research* suggests that active traders are paying circa $3.5bn per year on commission to exchanges. So, it’s big business for exchanges.

We believe there is a better way to work with active traders.

From launch, Aquarius will not add any mark up…

Our Co-Founder, Richard Lane, recently caught up with the James Preston, Editor of SA Crypto, to talk about our business vision and progress to date.

Financial Doublespeak: Demystifying currency exchange terminology

Our industry sometimes gets caught up in technobabble. This is particularly apparent when attempting to articulate the impact of innovation. Aquarius brings an innovation opportunity for the currency exchange market. Our technology has some specific technical features that will revolutionise and replace the market (and its terminology) as it stands today.

I have outlined the Aquarius impact on four core structural terms/definitions as follows:

1. Arbitrage

Pros: Arbitrageurs help to stabilise price swings and provide liquidity across disparate exchanges that trade the same asset during times of demand shocks.

Cons: Arbitrageurs prosper because they…

Introduction to the Impact of Aquarius Exchange

Welcome to Aquarius, The Fair Exchange

We live in interesting times. Longstanding borders and constraints are being driven away by technological innovation and the rapid implementation of global connectivity. We are moving away from being purely national citizens, to becoming increasingly global in nature. Continuously more aware and interlinked, the world feels like it is becoming a smaller place. Be it directly through cross border trade and finance or indirectly through production of goods and services that feed a global audience, Foreign Exchange markets touch the everyday lives of billions of people. …

Aquarius Marketing priorities

Aquarius is a FinTech business on a mission to build the most trusted global currency exchange. We fervently believe in the evolutionary opportunity our trade matching technology offers our customers. We are unapologetic about our focus on innovation and demonstrating our technical leadership.

We recognise that we can’t develop a sustainable technology product (offering significant investor returns) on a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality. We know that effective growth marketing will take time and brand building. We are only just starting this exciting journey.

The last two years have been a wild ride in the…

Aquarius Exchange HQ

Global Currency Exchange

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